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  • German Shepherd-Oregon

    My wife and I bought an AKC German Shepherd three months ago and named her Roxi. Over the months Roxi has not only become a major part of our family, but our lives as well, as she brings much joy and happiness to each of our family members. I hesitated to pay the extra money for the recovery program when I registered Roxi with the LostMyPet, because we don't have a lot of money but, I couldn't be happier that I did because Roxi, being a pup found her way out of a fenced in yard. After looking for her for hours, we had to give up because we looked every where yet found her nowhere. We were all sitting around sad as we missed her and even talked about the possibility that we may never get her back but then the phone rang and it was the LostMyPet recovery operator with news that someone had found her and had seen the LostMyPet Recovery number on her collar tag. They called with the information for us as to where to pick her up. That call brought joy once again to our house as we got Roxi back and we are not only grateful for the LostMyPet Recovery Program but for the people who take the time to call the number and make the program work. Thank you for such a great program and thank all of you who call the Recovery Program when you find a lost dog because, it is you the caller, who really make this program work. Thank you!

    German Shepherd-Oregon

  • Bichon Frise-California/Arizona

    Bo, our male Bichon Frise, was rescued from a family who could not contend with his "run away" behavior. He is now microchipped, and tagged with the LostMyPet info. We keep a tight watch on him....but still he gets away, on occasion. We live in Arizona and California but the fact that my contact number is my cellphone, gives a quick recovery time, every time. Thank you for such a great service.

    Bichon Frise-California/Arizona

  • Whippet-California

    THANK YOU! Tonight, at about 7:45 PM - PDT, I rec'd a call from LostMyPet to tell me our 13 year old Whippet had been FOUND! We hadn't realized she was gone. Apparently, she nudged the side yard gate open while my Husband was finishing up his gardening & out she went. A Whippet, even a teenaged one, can cover an amazing amount of ground in a very short time which is a real concern at dusk when the area coyotes are hungry. We were thrilled to have her back home and when your Rep told us the family that found her had a difficult time reading the ID # on the tag, we immediately ordered a new tag! Our dog(s) have been microchipped for years & this is the first time we've needed your help.


  • Cocker Spaniel-California

    Our home was broken into on 10/20/08 and our dog was stolen. We did everything in our power to find him and had many friends and family members searching for him. We refused to give up because we loved him so much. Thanks to his micro-chip he was finally taken into a police station and scanned. It took a couple of months but we are so happy that he is finally "HOME" and "SAFE". My family and I would like to Thank You for your service and what you do. When I called and reported him stolen the gentleman on the line was so caring and compassionate. We are very grateful for your service. Thanks again!!

    Cocker Spaniel-California

  • Domestic Long Haired Cat-North Carolina

    I found my cat! I received a call from a Vet. 205 miles away in Charleston, SC. My cat, Flurry, has a chip and they scanned it and called. Me and a friend of mine flew down in his private plane and got her. She had evidently gotten out when my friend brought over his dog for me to keep in my back yard. We think she climbed up under his SUV on the spare tire (for fear of the dog) and rode all the way from Pinehurst to Raleigh (NC) and then Raleigh to Charleston, SC. Unbelievable! I searched for days and days in Pinehurst and even Raleigh to no avail. She evidently did not get out from under the SUV while it was parked in Raleigh for 1.5 hours. She then managed to live in Charleston for 1.5 months until found and brought in. -I am thankful she had that chip!!!!

    Domestic Long Haired Cat-North Carolina

  • Doberman-Missouri

    I received a phone call while I was in Denver CO on a business trip that my Doberman puppy had been found! What I did not realize was my puppy was lost. I was on a business trip. Lexie was 3 months old and her and my 2 year Boston terrier were scared when lightening struck while they were outside for a "bathroom break". They ran! LostMyPet left a message for my husband and were able to contact me within 30 minutes of Lexie running away. Because of this phone call we were able to track the Boston terrier who kept on running away from the wonderful people who had Lexie. ABSOLUTELY a savings grace for us, thank you.


  • Rat Terrier Mix-Manhattan

    Friends were staying at my apartment and taking care of my adopted dog while I went to St. Louis for the Easter weekend. Saturday morning I got a call from my friend who in a calm, controlled though upset voice told me how China had slipped out of her harness just a block from my apt. When my friend saw China standing a few yards away, she cried, "China" and dove for her at which point China bolted down the street toward her home. We live on 29th St and Broadway in NYC, but she didn't stop at our building; she kept going, panicked. She crossed Broadway and ran and ran and ran. My friend was devastated and did not know what to do. It was not until a few hours later and with the help of a Good Samaritan, China's Humane Society and LostMyPet that she was back home safe and sound. Without the LostMyPet recovery chip I can only wonder what her fate would have been. I consider both of us (and my friend) to be "very lucky dogs indeed"!!!

    Rat Terrier Mix-Manhattan

  • Beagle-New York

    We put our beagle out one evening and his tie out broke. We had no idea he was gone, until we went to bring him in 15 minutes later. We began searching the neighborhood frantically. Within another 15 minutes LostMyPet was on the phone, and someone had found him! We are so grateful to the people who picked him up and LostMyPet! What a great system!

    Beagle-New York

  • Dachshund Mix-Texas/Georgia

    A client of the Dahlonega Vet Clinic in Dahlonega, GA brought in a dog, a dachshund mix, which they had found in Cumming, GA, to see if it was chipped. A Vet Tech from the clinic called us with the chip number, and we did have owner information but, the record showed the owner in TX!! We called the numbers for the owner in TX but the number for the owner was disconnected. We then tried the alternate contact's information and someone did answer the number. They not only knew the owners but had a phone number to get in touch with them. It was confirmed that the owner was now in GA. We called and left a message at the GA phone number and then went to and searched for the owner's name. We found a phone number for someone with the same name in Suwanee, GA. We called and left a pretty generic message, since we were not sure if the number was correct, "Please call us regarding "Peewinkle", if you do not have a dog with this name, sorry to bother you." Within 2 hours, the owner had received the message and called us. She was given the information of the vet clinic that was holding the pet.Turns out, this dog had been missing for 2 years!! The vet clinic held the dog overnight so the owner could make the hour drive up to the clinic, to be reunited with her Peewinkle!!


  • Cocker Spaniel-Colorado

    One summer day my dog, Little Bear, and I were enjoying the off-leash section of Cherry Creek State Park. There must have been about 2 dozen dogs wading in the creek, playing chase, and roaming the area with their owners. We had been in that immediate area for about half an hour when we noticed this cute little cocker spaniel that seemed lost. Another sweet passerby noticed the same thing; that this dog did not seem to have an owner nearby. So, us two ladies began asking around, "Does this cocker spaniel belong to anybody? Who owns this dog?" Nobody answered. We called the dog to us and checked his collar. Sure enough, there was a microchip tag. Within 20 minutes, the dog and the owners were re-united, and they were all so relieved. It never would have been possible without their microchip tag. Finding somebody else's dog like that - and seeing how quickly we were able to reunite the dog and owners made me realize how helpful a registry or microchip can be. Phew!