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Below are just some of the many benefits you receive with LostMyPet.com.

The Nation's Largest Not-For-Profit Pet Recovery Database

Founded in 1995, AKC ReuniteSM makes donations annually for veterinary student scholarships and manages the AKC ReuniteSM Canine Support and Relief Fund, which provides grants for search and rescue teams and donations for natural disaster relief.

Generate Lost Pet Posters

LostMyPet.com stores pictures of your pet in our system which means if an emergency arises we are ready to print out lost pet posters quickly. When a pet goes missing every second counts and we do everything possible to speed up the process of reuniting you with your pet.

Found Pet Reporting

Sometimes a pet will go missing and get picked up by a good Samaritan. Often these saviors are unaware that the pet may have a microchip of have not had a way to check. We provide an interface for anyone to post found pet information that you can review by zip code.

Report Lost Pet Sightings

Often a lost pet is scared and potential rescuers can not get near him. By posting lost pet posters through the neighborhood, individuals are able to go online and report a sighting of a missing pet. These are delivered directly to the missing pet owner by email.

50 Mile Notification System

Its amazing how far a pet may travel. Luckily, LostMyPet.com can automatically send out lost pet notices to shelters, veterinarians, retailers, and other pet owners within a 50 mile radius of the last known location of your pet.

Free Account Updates

We are not going to charge you to update your account. Its important that your most current information is in the system so why would other companies charge a fee to update that information for you.

Annual Update Reminders

Our system is designed to automatically send you update reminders so that you don't forget to keep you contact information updated. This information is also passed on to other services like AKC ReuniteSM.

Please contact us if you have any questions for us.

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