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AKC Proscan 700 Microchip Scanner

AKC Proscan 700 Microchip Scanner
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 Price:  $320.00

AKC Proscan 700 Microchip Scanner Features

• Displays brand and chip number for all microchips

• Comfortable to hold and easy to use

• Detects microchips up to 3.15" away, depending on brand

• USB serial interface for future upgrades

• Uses 4 AA batteries (included)

• One-year parts and labor warranty


• Because every microchip matters, the ProScan 700 has 2 separate areas that read all microchips as you scan a pet.

• Choose the ProScan 700 for the ultimate in microchip id detection.

•For more information please contact one of our LostMyPet.com pet specialists at 1-888-9-PET-911.


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